After a long break…..


I’m not that good at juggling time and tasks, and I’ve had a busy year with my own work as a sculptor with a couple of big and time-consuming projects. I’m not long back from a three week road trip to Andalucia, and after the heat and azure skies, after the willows and poplars just, just, just beginning to turn in the arroyas, after the silver maples showing the bright undersides of their foliage in a warm wind, after the roads either stretching straight ahead across the flat central plateau or winding up and up through the pinõns in the mountains, and after the pleasure of spending days and time with my son who lives in Cordoba, I’m back in England in the Autumn.

It has also just been what would have been my late father’s birthday; he would have been 101, and would have doubtless been rather gruffly and modestly flattered to know that his resourcefulness and ingenuity in Oflag-79, Brunswick over the Autumn and winter of 1944-5 had been documented and was a source of interest.

So, after a busy spell in the Spring, and somewhat of a trickle of interest over summer, we still have copies of The Brunswick Prison Camp Map Printers left, both editions – the letterpress edition with green cover hand printed by Ken Burnley at Juniper Press, Liverpool, and the digitally printed facsimile edition with red cover. Once the letterpress edition of 150 copies is sold out, there will be no more; I think there about 30-35 left. There are more copies of the digitally printed facsimile, which may run into a 2nd edition subject to demand.

So, if you have an interest in printing and letterpress, if you have an interest in WW2 history, if you have an interest in resourcefulness under duress and if you have an interest in maps and cartography, or you know someone who does, I believe there is a time of kindness, generosity and gift giving approaching…..

I will endeavour to spend more time updating this blog over the Autumn; updates which should appear on the Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 21.29.12

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