St Bride Foundation talk 3rd December 2019

A big thank you goes to St Bride Foundation for the invitation to talk about the Brunswick Map Printers last night and for the hospitality and helpfulness of the staff there.

It was the first time Ken Burnley of Juniper Press and I had put together and presented a talk, and it was not without it’s difficulties to prepare a two man talk without omissions and overlaps between Cambridge and Liverpool; many emails and calls.

The evening may have had it’s occasional rough edge, and we did run over time, which will be one to watch in future, but both of us were touched by both the warmth of response and the level of interest from an audience of about 70. There were some good and pertinent questions and comments, some great conversations before and after,  and some good contacts made. And the new card reader worked and books were purchased; we’re down to about 20 of the letterpress limited edition (150) green bound book now, but more of the red bound digital facsimile edition which may go to a second edition if demand requires.

So, many thanks to those who came, and many thanks to St. Bride. We both greatly enjoyed the evening and the event.


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