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Letter from my father to The War Office in 1947 requesting clearance to publish an article about The Brunswick Printers at some point in the future, and their reply.

Back in Cambridge and back to relative normality (in my case a dusty workshop and chipping stone) after the build up to the launch in Liverpool. Of the green covered 150 numbered letterpress limited edition, around 45 have now sold, within 2 weeks, and when they are gone, they will be gone. So far we have sent to Australia, the U.S., Poland, France and all over the UK.

There has also been encouraging sales of the red covered 300 digital print facsimile edition, and there is potential for a second edition subject to demand and further publicity. I have been asked to take the original launch display up to the Brunswick Youth and Community Centre on their 70th anniversary celebrations in April. This was set up as a boy’s club by my father and fellow Brunswick POW’s from Liverpool Mike Marshall and Harry Mounsey in 1947 and is now partnered with The Jamie Carragher Sports & Learning Academy and the Liverpool Tamil School.

In the meantime, I am interested in other opportunities to get this story into the light of day after its long rest in folders of manilla envelopes in a box for 70+ years, in between taking book packages up to the Post Office most days and working on my stonework and sculpture.

Map 002

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