Up and running…………

We have PayPal, we have buttons and we have started shipping and dispatching. The first orders came in overnight including ones from Poland, the U.S. and Australia. It’s a small project, but one that has taken since 2014 to put together when Ken Burnley and I first met at Juniper Press in Liverpool. It would not have been possible without his passion, vision, skill and craft to imagine it and to see it through.

As the frontispiece says “This is a book about maps – real maps of place and terrain; a book made possible through the maps of lives, time and chance”.

It is dedicated to my father, Philip Radcliffe-Evans and to his brother, William Lees-Evans who was killed in action in 1941.

Image 007

William Lees-Evans and Philip Radcliffe-Evans at Glyn Ceiriog, Wales. 1939.

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