Getting there!

6Back from the binders and ready……

Nearly there; 150 letterpress bound, numbered and ready to go. All we are waiting upon is finalisation of a dedicated bank account and Paypal on this site. The latter isn’t a problem, the former seems to be taking an inordinately long time. To anyone who has pre-ordered, I have your e mail details and will let you know when we are live for sales will ask for all delivery details.

The books are looking (and feeling) beautiful, and have made a really fitting tribute to my late father and his achievement in creating and operating the Brunswick map press in Oflag79. He died in 1992, and was a modest man, with a love of all things made by hand and eye and worked on with time and skill. This is just such a book, and all due respect and thanks to Ken Burnley at Juniper Press for his passion, enthusiasm and love of the craft for making it possible.

I’m hoping that within a week from today we shall be able to start posting & shipping. I shall alert via e mail, social media and on here.

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