Juniper Press

Juniper Press, who designed, composited and printed The Brunswick Prison Camp Map Printers is situated in a beautiful oval windowed 2nd storey room at The Bluecoat Liverpool. It is a print studio and learning facility set up by Ken Burnley who is now retired from a lifetime in printing. He started as an apprentice to my father at Tinlings in Prescot, Lancashire, my father being the instigator and operator of the Brunswick Press in Oflag79 when a POW. Ken knew nothing of my father’s prisoner of war experience when I met him in 2014, and it is through our first meeting and subsequent conversations and friendship that this project has come about. Hence the descriptive quotation before the first chapter page:


“Lives, time & chance…..”

In addition to a Twitter page we now have a Facebook page in preparation for the book launch on the Sunday 26th March 2017, to be held, appropriately enough, at The Bluecoat, Liverpool.

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