Welcome to The Brunswick Prison Camp Map Printers hand-press book project…

I am hoping that by making this simple website that we can firstly make people aware of the story of the Brunswick Printers and the uniquely extraordinary achievement of building and resourcing a successful clandestine press under hostile and adverse conditions. Secondly, that it becomes a way of spreading the news about how this book came about through the craft, skill and love for his profession that Ken Burnley of Juniper Press has put into its creation.

The hand printed edition will be limited to 150 copies, available in Spring 2017, and news of the launch and availability will be posted here.

There will also be a digitally reproduced facsimile edition of 300 copies at a cost rather less than the hand-press edition. Prices have yet to be decided, and again, they will be posted here, along with contact and purchase information.

The Brunswick Prison Camp Map Printers genuinely is part of history: WWII history, prisoner of war experience history, printing history, part of the history of cartography and also part of the history of lives lived and the coincidences and chance meetings that all lives contain.

I will update this page with further posts as from today, early November 2016, as the book nears completion at Juniper Press in Liverpool. I will also be creating dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages with links to this site.

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